Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Grade Update...

FYI, Bunny is now walking the campus (such as it is, haha! -- seems big to her, I am sure) of her school and knows her way around now. Phew! Carter wants very much to walk to her room to pick her up, but I'm trying to get us to hang back and let Bun spread her wings a bit.

Still no homework. Bunny says that she'll begin with that next week or maybe the one after that. Otherwise, it's a pretty easy morning here--I'd worried it would, well, SUCK, haha, but it's been not so bad. I wake her about 45 mins before we need to leave if she doesn't get up on her own, and she is resisting waking less and less. I do breakfast in two waves so far, since Carter is not hip to the new morning routine and prefers to just drink some milk for a while then have food when we're back after drop off (BTW, I am LOVING car drop off in the mornings--I park and walk or push the stroller from home in the afternoons).

This evening is 'back to school' night for parents, when I go to her room and get the list of supplies they will ask for from each student, etc. That's a peeve of mine. For about a month before school, the stores are CHOCK full of supplies on sale. Many school send their lists to Target, etc so that families can stock up. Our school waits until everything is back to full price, and also harder to find before asking. I knew they'd want a few things, so I bought those to have on hand, but I know there will be some surprises I could have bought for $1 or less that I'll be spending 300-400% more on now. Oh well, can't fight city hall, as they say.


Elle said...

Good to hear things are progressing nicely for Bun, and for the rest of you. Sorry about your school being so weird about supplies. I would be PO'ed too. Heck, I even start buying supplies for the kids in July before the mad dash to the store starts.

Oh: Target has 5 packs of notebooks for $.50, in case you didn't see. :)

Kristianna said...

Do 1st graders even use notebooks? I can't remember! Oh well, I shall know tonight. :)

Elle said...

Well, when I taught K we used notebooks for their homework, because they had a writing assignment for each night, and it all went into one notebook. But, your school could be totally different.


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