Monday, July 28, 2008

Verdict: Pastrami - Tomato Frittata

Recipe: Pastrami - Tomato Frittata

We had this tonight. The good news was that it cooks up more quickly than a crustless quiche (which is a baked frittata). Bad news is it was too brown on the bottom for my liking. I believe I will make it again, but bake it for 35ish minutes at 350. This method also results in a fluffier egg mixture.

However, the flavors were really good! I subbed green onions for the chives, since I have no use for chives the rest of the week and didn't want to buy herbs when I'd only use 1/3 of a package (and likely chuck out the rest in a week when I rediscover them in the crisper).


Elle said...

Think I could use prosciutto instead of pastrami? My stomach DOES NOT like pastrami, even though my taste buds LOVE it. I have never been able to eat that tasty meat. I'm thinking prosciutto would work though...?

Kristianna said...

Or maybe ham? I wonder if prosciutto would be to salty... Oh, or pancetta. That might be a nice median choice, since it's generally not as salty as the dried & cured version.

Or to keep closer to the pastrami, flavor-wise... just roast beef?


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