Thursday, July 03, 2008

Day 8

2008-07-02 031, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

It was warm enough to play in the water today. I was only up to my knees, with Cole on my back, but Carter got soaked.

And made a discovery. Salty water!! The ocean is salty!

Gretchen and her kids came to the beach also, and we had fun digging up crabs and torturing them in buckets of sandy water before finally setting the poor things free. By 'we', I mean the kids. I did dig some, but only a new hole for Carter's truck to drive in and out of. ;)

Bunny swam to the buoy on her own today, and, while she says she is still afraid, something else won out. Pure unadulterated greed. I admit it: promised her a new Barbie toy if she'd just start to swim all the way out there without being dragged by the lifeguards. Hey, we all are 'reward motivated' at times. Why do adults work? Well, yes ideally there is the reward of a job well done. Of helping others, perhaps. But at the end of the day, it's the paycheck that motivates us. So patooey on anyone who wants to gimme grief. I bribed, I admit it. ;)

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Elle said...

Hey, do what you gotta do...point is that she did it! Yay! :)


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