Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 20.

WhooHOO! Bunny made it through Little Guards! (And so did I and the boys, haha!)

The last day was a special day. It was the Little Guard/Parent "Big Swim" Out. Paul's dad was in town, so he also came to the beach, along with Paul in a separate car, as Paul had a call to take which made him a little late. Not too late for the Big Swim, though!

The swimming parents and kids walked up to the wharf, walked to a platform on the far side which is the same distance out as the lifeguard HQ (see the taller building shown on the wharf in the above photo? that's HQ). Then they jumped off the platform and swam to shore! Bunny and most of the 6 yr olds chose to use a boogie board to kick much of the way, since it is just about a 100 yd swim (with the current, at least).

There was also a pot luck lunch--Bunny chose a nicely balanced meal of cookies, potato chips, and half a bagel--and games for everyone to play. Grandpa Russ played dodge ball! He made it a while before someone got him in the back with the ball. :)

We also got in some nice beach time. Carter had Grandpa busy running back and forth for buckets of water to... well mostly dump right out into the thirsty sand which refused to make a puddle, haha! And he 'wore' Cole some, which they both seemed to enjoy.

Here's some dodge ball. I'm not sure why people were lying down... but they appeared to be 'in play'.

Um... what???

Ah, yes, that looks more like my older boy. He's been wanting to mess with these cones for weeks.

Kind of a typical Bunny-in-motion shot... she's going to be 'sooo bored' without 3 hours of rigorous physical exertion the next few weeks. Hoooo boy...

After LGs was over, Paul and Bunny played in the surf. He also swam all the way out to the finger buoy you see in the distance in this photo. He said it was harder getting back than out there (it's about 250 yards total).

Carter spent some time walking on all fours, claiming to be a puma. Yes, a puma. :)

He also roared loudly at every and anyone. His 'prey' mostly looked on amusedly. A few of Bun's friends simply looked confused by him. :)

Bunny loves to find seaweed to decorate her castles.

They set to work building one masterpiece before it was time to pack up and get some dinner.

I really like drip castles. They're so easy, yet so much prettier than the molded kind (usually) are, and they are sturdy, too.

Bunny is becoming quite the castle architect. Depite her brother's attempts to become a proficient demolitions master. He pushed over these spires over and over, but she doggedly rebuilt.

As it became evening, it was time to get a celebratory dinner. We went to the Ideal to sit ourside by the beach, and Cole was SO well behaved. At first it seemed dicey, since he is too small for a restaurant high chair, but once he settled into Paul's lap, he was happy and calm the entire meal. He even ate his dinner sitting in Daddy's lap. :)

Then came the thing Carter has been wanting since Day 1 of Little Guards. A ride on Bulgy the Whale at the Boardwalk!

When we wheeled up to Bulgy, he yelled out, "I ride whay-uws!" He's not one to act wildly happy when he's doing something new, even if he's enjoying the HECK outta it. This content look is bliss to Carter when trying something new.

He also rode the Pepsi truck convoy ride. Another case of his excitement not being apparent, but oh BOY did he jabber about it afterwards.

Bunny and I rode the Cyclone together. It's pretty much impossible to get a clear photo with a snap and shoot, but we're the green and pink blurs in the left side. :) Bunny and I also rode the 'ski lift' ride across the boardwalk, and then finished up with the Pirate Ship before we all packed it in and went home for the night. All in all, it was a VERY tiring and enjoyable day. A perfect end to FOUR LONG WEEKS of daily trips to the beach.

Oh, and Bunny and Carter want to go to the beach one day next week. Sheesh! ;)

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Elle said...

Looks like a great end to a very tiring 4 weeks.

I think Barry and Carter would get along swimmingly--a meeting of the cautious, docile but happy minds. :)

Can't wait to get out there in a few weeks!


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