Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wet & Mild

Yesterday we went with a few other mommy/kids to the Aquatics Center for some good wet fun.

Last year Carter was really too young to enjoy it as more than a somewhat intimidating, loud place where there was a pool which he liked, but too many people. This year he had a BLAST.

This yellow water table with its system of dams was one of his favorites.

He also loved the fountains that squirted from the ground. Oh heck, he loved it all. I wish I had been able to go up the climbing structure with him more and help him do the slide. I think he'd have loved it, but he needed me to help him. I had Cole on my back and there is only so much you can do with a 6 month old!

And then there is this slide. You have to be 48" to go down it. According to her pediatrician, Bunny is indeed 48 inches tall. It's a squeaker, but she is that tall. And she rode it a couple of times in the morning. Then came the guard shift and it turns out that they have a version of 48" in Morgan Hill that is about 1 cm taller than at te pediatricians office. She was sent walking back down the steps! Poor girlie. I took her to the desk to try to rationalize it (I mean, she can swim the ocean, but not sit on this slide?). They gave us two free passes for our next visit as a consolation prize and I guess I will teach her how to be tall in the meantime.

She did get her wristband to do the high dive, though!

This is high up for anyone, much less a 6 yr old. She was scared, but liked it a lot. She's a daredevil, that girl. :)

This is a view that's easy to recognize... even little girls like to bask in the sun and chat. :)

Hey, your mom's taking a picture! Yeah, she does that. Ignore her. No, see. Right there, she's taking our picture. I said, ignore her!

It must have been a good day, because Carter was exhausted and begging to sit in the car so he could go to sleep, and even Bunny fell asleep on the way home. I had an utterly quiet car. Ahhhh.

I'm sure we'll be back, seeing as I have two free passes.

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