Thursday, July 24, 2008

So many unnerpants

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This week I began potty training Carter. Sunday he and I went out to buy 'big boy pants' and with the exception of Spiderman (which was not in stock in his size, dammit!) we brought home one of everything, thanks.

See now, to the uninitiated, this is a LOT of underwear. I'll spare you the eye strain and tell you, it's just under 2 dozen pairs.

Way back in a time called late 2004, when I was a first time potty training mom, I had maybe 7-10 pairs of itty bitty big girl pants for Bun. After about 3 days I was beyond sick of the stench of pee and I kept running out of underpants before the end of the day. While venting to my playgroup mommy friends, Monica told me my problem. I had far too few pairs of underwear on hand.

Now, to most of us with bladder and bowel control, really 7-10 pairs would be sufficient! I remember Monica saying I needed at least 2 dozen pairs. I also remember saying, "Who needs 2 dozen pairs of underwear?" Deadpan, she replied, "Kids who are potty training, that's who!!" She's a wise woman.

So this time, I didn't mess around. You want the Diego underwaer kiddo? Sure thing! Cars? Go for it! You don't want the 7 pack of Elmos? Well too bad, Mommy bought 'em because they're a good price.

Today is Day 4 of potty training and we had a bit of a breakthrough. This morning after breakfast, but before time to put on big boy pants, Carter said, "Mama, I go poopy!" I assumed it meant he had already gone, but he had to go, and even made it to the potty. And got his reward: 2 jelly beans! (1 for #1, 2 for #2) He had an accident a little later, but I will take 10 wet accidents for not having 1 poop one any day as a very fair deal. :)


Elle said...

No Spidey pants? Aw man!

(The funny thing is that even my 5th graders revere Spidey as a god. He is seriously that cool. LOL)

Kristianna said...

He also wanted Superman pants. 1) I don't know if there is such a thing, since it's not a 'hot' comic right now. 2) He's never even seen so much as a cartoon of League of Justice or Superman, so I have no clue how he even knows Superman exists.

But he knows! It's in the Y chromosome, I think.


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