Monday, July 07, 2008


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Baby in photo will bite! But he's teething, so it's understandable.

Cole cut his first tooth today! He was irritable all weekend, and I had been suspecting he was teething for about a week, but of course you can't know how long it will take. Anyway, today Bunny apparently had her finger stuck in his mouth in the car on the way home from Little Guards and she kept saying his mouth was sharp and she thought he had a tooth. I said, no, he was working on it, though. She then said she could see something white.

K: No, that's his gum (it has a little white area in the dead middle of the lower gum).
B: No... it's got a serrated edge.
K: Wow, that's a pretty good word there, Bun!
B: What's serrated mean?

LOL! I then went on to explain how, say a shark's tooth is serrated, or some knives are, how an edge like that cuts cleanly. And plumb forgot about Cole's mouth totally.

Until later today when I was holding Cole in the pool and I felt the edge of his tooth. Yep, he cut his tooth on the beach today. No wonder he didn't want to be put down. He's really much tougher than the other two kids as far as pain tolerance if this is any indication. They both made like it was killing them, and you just do NOT WANT TO KNOW what a pain his big sister is being about a loose tooth and her most recent batch of molars budding.

But anyway! Cole has teeth. Tada!

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