Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Verdict: Open Faced Greek Burgers

Open faced Greek Burgers

It's a week of nearly all new recipes here Chez Moi. Tonight we had the Greek Burgers. I made them per the recipe, but with beef instead of lamb (just don't like lamb, sorry), and we had them without the bread on the bottom.

They were delicious! The combination of portobello, burger with feta and oregano, grilled red onion, and balsamic vinegar was great. I will say the presentation of it all stacked, while pretty, was unmanageable in reality for eating. The onion falls apart and we just shoved it to the side, sliced it and jabbed it with a fork to get some. I dare say if it were further stacked with a piece of bread under it all, it would have been even harder to actually eat. However, that is not the point -- Paul and I enjoyed it a lot and it's a keeper.

The kids? They ate something else. I don't believe in not eating something we adults want just because it's not particularly kid friendly. I knew before I even wrote it on my calendar Carter would not touch it, and I generally give Bunny the choice of eating our meal or something else (which is simple, like PBJ or spaghetti).


Elle said...

So I'm assuming you just used the caps for bread instead of the actual bun?

Oh, BTW, I am currently on the Omega Diet, which is really just heavy in veggies and Omega-3 proteins, and it also incorporates the whole grains. I really like it! Last night I had seared salmon with butter beans cooked in olive oil, yellow squash sauteed in olive oil and salt, and a small cup of brown rice. YUM! And I have dropped a few pounds. :)

Kristianna said...

You & butter beans... I just can't like those, and I don't know why.

Yeah - we ate em stacked, from the bottom up, as shrooms, burger, onion. It's open faced, so even with bread there would have been knife and fork action. If you like feta, it really was good.

I love salmon -- we have Salmon MOndays a lot during the school year when I am better at a constant routine. I don't know why it's Monday, but that's the day (oh, yeah, I do know, it's because I buy groceries on Sunday and Monday works for fish, haha!)...

Elle said...

I never liked the beans until B and I lived together. They can't just be cooked like regular beans, which is why they were dreadful when we were kids. They need some fat and salt to bring out the flavor, and the olive oil worked well, and was a great substitute for butter. :)

I do loves me some feta!


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