Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Out of the Mouths of My Babes.

More playing the 'What does _____ say?' game. :)

Sunday we all were headed over the hill to the beach, and it was slow going, I think because of the Garlic Festival in Gilroy. Personally, driving *through* Gilory and smelling how garlicky it is is by far enough garlic for me, but hey, some people like Garlic Ice Cream, I guess...

Anyway, to keep the kids somewhat amused, we played the above-mentioned game with Carter. Bunny was mixing it up, asking some ridiculous questions. Often Carter had an imaginative response.

What does ice cream say?
I'm chokkit! (chocolate) He then went on to explain how Bunny likes 'pink' ice cream, but he likes chokkit. ;)


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