Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day 6, Carter Corps of Engineers

Yesterday Carter embarked on a big project over the course of the afternoon. He (meaning he and I) dug a big hole for his dump truck!

First it was just a hole that he/we made. But you can see how much he wanted the truck to drive into it.

This is not quite right here... needs something!

Time for more digging.

And a little running around in the surf with some 'big' boys who were near us on the beach (they were maybe 4 and 6).

And then more digging...

Now this is looking more like it! Hole has road! ;) I prefer to call it a quarry. :)

Today he didn't want to go home when it was time, he had so much fun. Great thing about a sand quarry, is you can always redo it day after day.

I was lucky that this guy chilled out a lot and let me help Carter with his hole. Bun and the LGs went to the far-far end of the beach under the wharf, so I didn't see her much of the day. No photos of kids in red suits today!

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