Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess What?

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Carter is picking up language so quickly now, making up for some lost time where he was more into something else... or just not feeling like he had much to say. :) His sentences are becoming more complex and he's making all kinds of mistakes with tenses and whatnot, but it's all what you'd expect.

One of his new favorite things is to say, "Guess what?" He's picked up that one from Bunny. she's a typical 6 yr old in that she seems to think "Guess what?!?" is how you begin nearly every statement... kind of drives me loopy, and I have tried to explain it's not a good way to start most conversations. I'm not making much headway on it, though. So Carter has picked up on it. However, he doesn't quite understadn what it means.

"Guess what?"
"What you doing?"

Guess what?
Where Bunny go?

And so forth. So I have it coming from both the speaking kids now. Yaaaaay.

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Elle said...

I remember Mrs. Ellis giving we Kindergarteners a long talk about how using the words "guess what," was not he way to start a conversation in all cases. I remember looking around wondering if she was just talking to me, or if everyone else did it too. I felt embarassed, but I don't think I stopped saying it; but I remember my teacher having that talk with us. Kids really don't change, do they?


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