Sunday, July 06, 2008

Belated July 4 Recap

Was too busy yesterday, um... relaxing by the pool and not doing much more than the *bare* minimum to really write about out 4th of July. It was a nice relaxing Saturday and we all were pretty tired from the day before, so all I did was make some NY Strip steaks with broccoli slaw and rice, and I read my textbook for about an hour, but there was mostly just pool time for us all.

July 4
We went to a potluck party at Mel's house. Ah, gotta love the magic of the potluck. You make one or two things that in no way would constitute a balanced meal--in my case, baked beans, and a cake--and then it becomes part of a crazy big meal that you would never make on your own.

Bunny and I made and decorated the cake together. It was just a very simple yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, but it was pretty and I hear it was yummy. I never got around to having a piece, nor did anyone in the family! We had brownie sundaes. :)

As they have a cul de sac, the last few houses on her street were blocked off and the kids rode bikes, skated, and played with electric cars. Bunny and Paul skated and Carter once again found the little cop-motor-trike he loves so much. It's hilarious to watch him on it because it moves at a rate of just under one mile per day. But, from his expression, you'd think he was cruising the open road, wind in his hair.

Cole and I looked on. Or rather, I looked on, holding Cole, who looked at his feet a lot. He really likes his feet, what can I say?

After skating Bun changed into her swimsuit and 'hung' with her girls in the pool. She was pretty much running around with the girls all evening, while Carter, being still so small stuck close. He also ate a real dinner, whereas Bun ate wedges of orange, a sundae, and, at 10:30 had nachos with cheese and a (caffeine free) Coke. Healthy, no... but she had fun. Me, I wolfed down two hot dogs, and a whole lotta sides, and Paul found the assortment of meat to be his cup of tea. He was skating around eating a big hunk of beef--it was funny.

After dark, it was time for some good old American blowing up stuff. Bunny and Carter enjoyed the sparklers, but Bun had a hard time remembering not to point the shooting fire at people, and Carter basically stood there holding it with a look of disbelief. I am pretty sure he felt this was an unwise way to have fun. He was right, or course! What's wise about handing kids flaming sticks of TNT? ;)

Then the fireworks. Mike, our host, had gone to a reservation in NV to purchase the after dark entertainment. I never realized what crazy stuff they sell at a res, along with their tax free cigarettes and casinos. But these were good fireworks. They didn't go up as high as the kind you get in a municipal show, but they flew up pretty high and we enjoyed it. Cole *really* loved it. I put him on his back on a blanket so he could see up without having to 'track' the missles, and every time one blew, he could laugh and kick. It was hysterical to watch his reactions... our happy, happy baby was even more happy than normal that evening.


by Heidi-Marie said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! We wish we'd been there with you to celebrate! Miss you guys like crazy!

Kristianna said...

We did have a lot of fun. Deborah is ready to pop out Manu's baby brother or sister, and Cindy and her family also came all the way down from the city.

We miss you guys, too! Carter was missing Luke last week.


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