Saturday, July 26, 2008

What it takes...

2008-07-23 008, originally uploaded by Kristianna. keep yourself and kids from burning for 4 straight weeks of being in the sun from about 12:30 until after 4. I thought it would be fun/ny to keep all the empties as they accumulated. I feel I am pretty much an expert on sunscreen now--started to gather whatever I could somewhat obsessively mid-May, since it do add up! ;)

FWIW, Aveeno SPF 70 rocks it hardcore as a sunscreen. I think you could stand near a nuclear test blast and not get burned with that stuff on. I saved it mainly for the baby, but Bunny got it a couple of times the day after she very obviously had rubbed off all her sunscreen the prior day and not reapplied (as if you can expect a 6 yr old to remember that). She never got the old school burns I remember from being a kid and getting FRIED on say, field day, but any kind of a burn was a shock to her, since I am a wee bit anal about sunscreen. I'm not a 'you must wear a hat that makes one wonder if were an extra in some Saharan movie' kind of person, but my kids see a lot of sunscreen around these parts.

So if I were to rank, the SPF 70 spray would win. At $12/bottle, it better (but I got it on sale for $7 each). Bull Frog wins for lasting power, but Bunny complained it made her skin sting or itch--or something. I just know she was happy when we ran out of that one. Anyway, I guesstimate we ran through just about $50 in sunscreen. And I shopped for deals -- it'd be a lot more otherwise. I admit I do paste the stuff on, though. I figure you can't waste sunscreen. The wasteful thing would be to bother putting it on, but not enough and then suffer from a burn or worse long term effects!


Elle said...

I would have to say that (and I don't see it in your pic) Target's own brand of regular sunblock, at SPF 50, is the WORST stuff. It doesn't stay on at all, and you have to reapply it every hour or so....totally negating the SPF 50. Just putting that out there in case you're ever tempted by the price. Yes, I"ve learned to spend the money for that stuff.

Also, for the face, Clinique City Block is great. It's SPF 40 and we were out for 4 hrs yesterday and my face was unchanged.

I'll have to try the Aveno. I joke with B that we need to buy stock in some of these companies. :)

Kristianna said...

I admit it -- I am too loathe to use truly pricy (Clinique, etc) sunscreens in adequate quantity since they cost 2-3 times as much for maybe 1/2 the quantity--something in my cheap DNA... So I go with top of the line drug store brands as much as I can for the face. If soy doesn't bother your skin, Aveeno really is good. I probably will try the Neutrogena kind sometime, too.

Elle said...

Oh, I actually just have a sample of the Clinique stuff. But it lasts a while, and it's good. :) Yes, I know what you mean about the $. :)


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