Friday, July 11, 2008


*See next post for the video -- I am having technical difficulties with getting the video and the words I want in the same post.*

I have to go through the photos and see what came out, but here is a video of Bunny running the "Rambo" course at the Little Guards Competition yesterday. There is a lot of yelling from me and Paul here, I'll warn ya. ;) We were so excited to cheer her on.

This was the second, 'final' heat of this competition, and I tell you what--it's a GNARLY course. Under a bunch of surfboards then down under a water filled pit, then up a very steep wall (where the video starts from our perspective), over a few mogul-like bumps, up two HUGE sand hills, then over more moguls, then finally a maze of boogie and surfboards. The first kid on Bunny's team was a monster! I tell you, this kid is amazing, and a lot of us parents were in awe of his speed and strength. The teams switched boy-girl-boy-girl, and Bunny ran the anchor leg for girls--because she's strong and fast, too. She and the boy after her ran her team to blue ribbons! She also got her name on the board in two other events, placing 8th in the run-swim-run and 7th in 'toots' (which is the thing with balls in the ocean I described before). She would have made it further the other even she was in (flags), but a child knocked her in the face and grabbed her baton, thus eliminating Bunny. Oh well, whatddaya gonna do someone decides to be a poor sport? We're talking 6 yr olds here, I'm not going to make a federal case out of it, haha!

Mostly we really are proud of how hard she worked. Though, I admit it: it's really fun to cheer a child onto victory. We were proud of her all around, as we are everyday.

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