Saturday, June 07, 2008

Warning: the following post contains extreme cuteness.

Carter only has a few stuffed animals, compared to his sister, who is a stuffed animal freak, I tell you. She LOVES realistic stuffed animals and has like 50...

Carter, notsomuch. He has a few, and has not really seemed that into them, except to play with Bunny with them, until recently. He does sleep with one now and then, but for the past few days he has been really into one my father sent to him for his first Christmas when he was 7-8 weeks old. It's nearly as big as he is, and very soft.

Here comes the cuteness. I don't name animals for my kids. I might help name them if Bun asks for ideas, but it was not until recently that Carter ever considered that stuffies have names. I asked him what his dog's name is. He looked down thoughtfully, and then back to me. "Dog Friend." And Dog Friend it is... his first named stuffed animal. I'm sorry, but that name is precious. And I am so glad he didn't say "Booger" or something like that. ;)

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