Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Already bored.

Hahahaha! I knew it. It's not even technically day 2 of summer vacation, since Bunny is still asleep, but she's been officially bored for about 24 hours anyway. My evil plan is to have her bored this week whilst I drag her and the kids around on errands like -- Ooooh! -- the oil changer place and -- aaahh! -- the DMV (actually AAA, but even their shortish line drives Bun up the wall). Then the following 4 weeks we'll be far from bored as we go to Cowells Beach every weekday for Little Guards.

In the meantime I have administrative things to take care of here, and they're going to be booored. Well, except that we're going to the park for a couple of hours every afternoon. And after dinner I get in the pool with the big kids and play and teach Carter to swim. Which is not nothing, but there was a lot of TV yesterday, too. Bah, it was probably easier when there were not Noggin, PBS Kids, Sprout, Nick Jr., Disney, and the plain PBS stations (which show kids shows most of the daylight hours anyway)... they have too many choices to fight over. Oh well, no TV on the beach. ;)

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