Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day

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Just dropped off Bun for her FINAL day of Kinder. And it was a hard one for her, since she had to be at school at 8:05, not 11:30 like she is used to. Bunny had a hard time going to sleep last night, so it was like waking the dead this morning. She tried to convince me she didn't need to go, haha.

This has been such a year for Bunny! She went from being *only* a preschooler, used to always having a half dozen moms she knew well (and me 1/3 of the time) in the classroom with her to going 5 days a week, doing homework, and being safety marshall for her class, which means she escorts people to the office and takes notes to the principal, as well as knowing what to do during drills or emergencies.

She's made some great friends, both in playgroup and class, and had a close friend move away, something she is still processing. She's learned to write more than her name and the very few words she was interested enough in to learn before, and can reason out some hysterical phonetically spelled sentences. She can add and subtract (some) and has learned so much from the visits from the Wild Bird Center. She went from counting to about 13 before losing it, to, well, I generally ask her to stop at about 201, since I know she knows the 'tricks' and could go up to 1000 and beyond and, um, I dont' want to listen to that ever again. ;)

Her report card will come home with her when I pick her up in a couple of hours, so I will have more boasting to share then. :)

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