Friday, June 13, 2008

No more teachers, no more books...

It's the end of an era, people! Bunny has finished Kindergarten! I'll talk some about her final moments leaving the class another time. I'm still too close to it, and the stingy feeling might come back to my eyes... :)

After "The Final Pickup", we had a lovely meal of Happy Meals for the kids who eat real food, and a chicken sammich washed down with about 2 quarts of sweet, sweet Diet Coke for me. That celebratory feast finished, we went to the park for a few hours.

Bunny and all her classmates were given a parting gift of bubbles as they left the room. Thank goodness I loves me some bubbles, too, and had 2 bottles in the car, so there was parity.

Carter's bubble blowing skills are still nil. Gets soapy lips and little else. :)

So he happily played in the shower of bubbles Bunny made. As did quite a few other children. People like bubbles. Bubbles make everyone happy, pretty much. You show me a person who hates bubbles, I'll show you a grump. Or maybe someone who had a bubble pop in their eye as a baby. I dunno...

Then the kids put on their swim stuff and played in the sand and water for a good long while.

Me? I sat in the shade, thanks. Cole?

He did this.

Then some of this.

And this. You get the gist. He scooted around on his back a lot, and looked at the leaves against the sky.

After about 3 hrs we went home and now we're in the home stretch until bed time. I'm hoping they all sleep in tomorrow. That would be AWESOME.


Elle said...

I remember when you'd pick me up from school and I knew you were there because bubbles would fly around outside. Yep, that's my sister!

Kristianna said...

No better way to pass time, I say. ;)


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