Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 5 (Bad Eats)

Yesterday it was foggy and chilly at the beach. Not too chilly, but a nice day to put the boys in the stroller and push them around for an hour or so. Since the Boardwalk is adjacent, I went thataway. Same as I did a couple of days before, when I started to notice there are some crazy things going on foodwise at the Old Boardwalk.

So, I decided I would amuse myself with a little gastronomical journey of sorts. Midway Food!

What if you lived on this stuff? What would a diet comprised solely of midway fare be?

Well, let's have an appetizer (and these are in the order that I came across them, BTW).

Who wants some beef jerky to whet their appetites? No? How's about Pretzels? Washed down with the Pepsi product of your choosing. I suggest the Sprite -- the zinfandel of sodas. ;)

Here you have to make a choice. Do you go with the Churro and Icee or the Dippin Dots? There is no wrong answer... depends on if you prefer a cold treat or a cold treat *and* a fried treat together, is all.

Hope you chose wisely, because next you have a Carrousel Cone, which is a soft-serve cone with some swirl all around-around-around it in the flavor you choose, and then... an ICEE! Hope you like 'em! Ow, the brain freeze...

Next the obvious combination of Gyros (chicken OR beef, no lamb, what are you actually wanting Greek food here??) and Caramel Apple Chips (which appear to be wedges). Reeces was going to make his famous candy with this combo, but couldn't decide on beef or chicken, so he settled on chocolate/peanut butter, FYI -- little bit of trivia there, folks!

Oh dear heavens... another soft serve cone and Icee. My head and sinuses can only take so much!

Phew! Finally something warm. Nothing like fried batter with pie filling and whipped cream to keep you even-keeled. Hey, it's got fruit! This is pretty healthy by boardwalk standards!

Now this is actually the sign that, on Wednesday, got my attention in the first place. DEEP FRIED CHEESECAKE? In a tortilla? What genius invented this one? I mean here is the solution to an age old problem -- eating cheesecake while on the go! I can't tell you how many messy shirts this would have saved me over the years, people. Innovation at its best. And they say America is in decline. I present Exhibit A in the case against that right here.

Of course all the sugar may be giving you a rush now, but everyone knows a sugar high is fleeting, so you need some caffeine next.

You may have been concerned this was not a balanced 'meal'. Well, stop whining right now. Here is your vegetable! Actually, the healthiest thing I found, if you don't go too crazy with the toppings, which were butter, various cheesy-herby combos, etc.

Barnacle Bill has some suggestions for what to eat with your corn.

These probably go together, too.

To tell the truth, these smelled good. And I do like fish and chips frys (nice spelling!).

Oooh, oooh, oooh! More fruit! Gotta fight scurvy somehow.

I wanted to get a photo of this with the coaster streaming past. But I was blocking people's path to the hot dogs on sticks, and didn't want to incite a not-enough-meat-on-stick riot. So this will have to do.

Board Wok... get it, huh? Huh? More 'ethnic' food. Very authentic, I am sure.

At this point, I admit, my stomach was turning head was swimming with all the options remaining. So before I positively imploded from it all, I headed back to the beach.

Now, people generally smile at the boys in the stroller. I mean, they're cute, what can I say? ;) But after my queasiness calmed enough for me to notice things a little while, I had to stop and peek at what was making people point and giggle.

Aw, they do look just alike! I figured the first couple of comment to that effect were just, well, because they're RELATED and resemble each other. Not that they were performing a complex synchronized napping routine! My sons are so talented, aren't they?

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