Sunday, June 08, 2008


Cole's starting to use his little hands to play with toys more. This was a fun one: push car off tray, Mama picks it up! Push off, Mama picks it up!

The planets aligned and Bun finally got the chance to work on riding her 2 wheeler yesterday at the park. We all went, and Carter was upset he didn't have a bike to ride.

VERY upset.

Want go home, Mama.

Look at that face! He's watching Bunny and Paul go around the edges of the park. They're a good 150 yards away, and what a searing look. I wonder if they can *feel* that?

I don't think he is appreciating my taking photos right now. Whaddaya think? ;)

Luckily I had a treasure in the diaper bag. Bubbles! That turned him around and he spent some time not blowing bubbles (he puts his lips to the wand and breaks the film almost every time, but he had fun, so it was all good as far as I am concerned).

Well lookie there! She's flying solo!

I goofed and forgot to bring the back carrier, so Cole had to deal with being in my arms on my hip and lap.

He worked on his spit bubbles.

Just that morning I was on the phone with my father, saying Cole has not yet put his toes in his mouth. I guess he heard me and decided to fix that.

Tired of working on the bike riding, Bunny and Paul joined Carter to play for a while. Then it was time to go home, eat lunch, play in the pool some, and go to friends' for dinner.

Had a Manhattan last night. Man, that is one strong drink. But oddly still palatable. Not something I think I'd order, though. Toodles!

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