Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chugging along.

Yesterday Bunny's class had a very special morning. One of her classmates' Grandpa has built a mini railroad into his property, seriously! When I saw that we had the chance to go ride the train at Heather's grandpa's house, I figured it would be kind of lame, honestly. But this man ain't messing around. I guess this is the Lionel train set taken to the nth degree.

The entire perimeter of the property (just a normal house in a normal neighborhood) has tracks. In the front yard, the tracks are embedded into concrete, and form the borders of flower beds, and goes along a retaining wall. In the backyard they use 1" pickets as a base for the tracks.

Since the driveway is lower than the retaining walls, there is a removable trestle that bolts in when grandpa has the train running. Like I said, this is not too shabby!

Bunny rode it quite a few times. Younger siblings were also there, but Carter is not one to jump first and ask questions later. He *loved* watching the train. Clearly ached to ride it. But it goes along a wall with a sheer drop of 2.5 feet! That's dangerous, don't you know??

So, he and his buddy Derek played with their trains they each brought from home. See that wall, tall, eh?

There were also snacks. Mmmm. Gummy fruits.

Run, the train is coming by at nearly 1 MPH and might jump its tracks! Run!

Bunny knew he just needed to feel safe. "Come on Carter, want to ride with me?"

He held on TIGHT.

All aboard!

This might not be so bad after all....

Yay, they made it! He rode it one more time, the same way, protected by his big sister, who really was so sweet to help him through his anxiety. Yeah, they fight, which is normal. But they're also pretty good friends when you get down to it.

And after we dropped Bunny off at school, Carter took on the Dark Side at the park. A 2 yr old's work is never done, I tell you.

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