Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 2

We've made ti through two days, and there was not a lot of "I am never coming back!" at the end of yesterday! She's still concerned (to put it mildly) about the water and its inherent vastness, but she was in it 4 times yesterday and did the boogie board relay. This was new to her, as she's only paddled in a pool on a surfboard... and once again, that ocean (really a bay) moves on its own!

You can see in that first photo how NOT DEEP the water is. But that's not what matters. She did something new, and didn't look like she was about to cry afterwards. She's also becoming used to the cold water. I didn't get photos, but they did mud puppies yesterday! What, you ask? Well, they roll in the sand, then run into the water to rinse off. After running a lap back and forth on the beach. They also did push ups, sit ups, up/downs... she's getting a serious workout, and I am LOVING the fact that she's tired enough to go to bed and sleep in the morning, haha!

While Bun was worked hard, the boys and I hung out on the beach. I have a nice little set up going, and am getting down the packing and pushing of a stroller that, if I think about it, has about 20+35+30+15+10+15 lbs of child and gear in it. I DO NOT want to be stranded for 3 hrs without something I could need, haha!! So I pack the tent, a largish cooler, my diaper bag, the Ergo (backpack carrier), another bag with towels/ change of clothes for boys, sand toys, beach blanket, *and* I even bring the boys, too. ;)

This is what I schlepped to the beach.

This tent was a really good purchase. I got it back in 2006 and it was well worth the $20 at Target. :)

So, while Bunny does this...

We do this.

And this. And we eat a lot of snacks.
Yesterday Carter played with other small children who were the younger sibs of Junior Guard kids. A lot of families have made beach days of it so far. I love this beach because it's so intimate that way. Yes, it is in a pretty famous beach town, but it's on the 'local' side of the wharf. The beach the MASSES go to is a very easy walk under the piers, but it's worlds away.

However, I have plans to let Carter ride some rides at the Boardwalk one day next week. That will be fun!

In other news, Cole is pushing up his massive body rather well now. :)

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