Monday, April 07, 2008

So there, ha!

So yesterday Bunny and I went to Petroglyph with Anika and Gretchen. It was a combo birthday present for both the girls, as Anika and Bunny are about 2 weeks apart in age and her family is artistic, and Bunny has been jonesing for Petroglyph for about a year. Along with the party, her main gift was the ceramic painting.

I worked all day Saturday pumping a bottle for Cole--well, all day means every time I nursed, I latched the Medela torture device onto my other side to get what I could, and finally mustered up 3 oz to leave with Paul to tide Cole over.

Before we set out to the studio I printed the image I had known I would want to recreate as soon as I saw it a month or so ago. Someone far more creative than I came up with it: a little girl's face peeking out from behind some leaves with an endearing expression of pure mischief in her eyes. I admit I was not sure I could pull it off, though I thought I probably could, as it's a VERY simple drawing. Bunny looked at it and said, "You're not the best artist in this house... I don't know if you should try that..." Well, I never! ;) I was amused by her saying that, though Paul was kind of peeved because, well, because he didn't want my feelings hurt, and all the more because he worries about Bunny making the same kind of social blunders he was (sometimes is) prone to just because he doesnt' think. Now, I think *everyone* misspeaks at times, but anyway, Paul has a few scars here and there from his gaffes that he really didn't mean as they were taken, so he worries about Bunny in that regard.

Little lecture about taking people's feelings into consideration over, we set out and met Anika and her mom at Petroglyph. They were so sweet as to give Bunny a *really* well crafted--and yummy!-- chocolate cat from the shop a couple of doors down. Note to self: must stroll around downtown LG more, as it's really good for window shopping and the kids would enjoy the fountain in the park. It's 5 mins away but I forget it's there.

Bunny and Anika both painted two pieces each: a little faux mosaic tile and a small surfboard for Anika and a horse figurine and a 4" tile for Bunny. Gretchen painted a platter with what promises to be a very cool scene of a few goldfish being preyed upon by a robot fish emerging from the grasses. And my piece? I think it came out very well! It was not exactly like my inspiration piece, but I think I caught the glint in the girl's eyes well, and I painted the hair to be the same shades as Bunny's--I hope... it's hard to tell with glazings, since the colors really become brighter and richer upon firing. I think it'll come out to be adorable no matter what.

Gretchen has an errand to run in the vicinity of the studio in a couple of days, so she's going to pick up the finished pieces and when they come to our playdate Friday we'll get to see how everything came out.

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