Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bad Hair & Good Memories (aka saturday::scans)

Spring Formal, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Grandpa Russell (FIL) is here visiting, and Paul, Bunny and he are skating... Cole must be asleep, as he's quiet, and Carter is in Wonder Pets oblivion. :)

I felt a little bored of scanning the 1998-2000 album, so I tackled a few images from college. The "Sigma Kappa Memories" album my big sis, Jen, gave me, to be specific. Lots of $2 photos of me and my friends drunk or on our ways there. And oh, the crimes against hairdressery going on!

See, I went to college from 1991-1995, and while it was the 90s, to eb sure, it was really the entrails of the 80s. Hair was still big. Dresses were, well, you can see. Jen Mathias drank from a bigass cup. Well, maybe she still does that one. I'm cracking myself up big time with these photos. My bangs were HUGE! I remember my hair stylist seemed to cut more bangs in each time I went until I told her to STOP IT NOW, in about 1994. I think half my head was bangs, but at least it didn't go up 2", which also still happened then. Perms also still were big and icky. All in all, it was a bad hair time.

But we had fun and thought we were the end-all.
The end. So there.

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