Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boyfriend? Or unrequited?

Thursday Christi, Lola, and I took our kids to Capitola to play on the beach. While there Lola mentioned to me that Ethan had told her that he and Bunny had decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I smiled and said that was cute -- since Ethan and Bunny do play together more than she and Emily sometimes at the park, etc. And come to think of it, they did play a lot both at Happy Hollow the day before and the beach.

So that night as I was helping Bun to bed, she asked if Ethan and Emily were coming to the pool playdate here. I said, no, they were going to spend the night at their cousins' house. I then said something like how nice it was to get to play with them two days in a row.

Then I said, "So, do you play more with Ethan or Emily?"
Bunny: I play with both of them, but with Ethan more.
Me: He's a good friend, huh?
B: He's kind of my best friend.
Me: That's nice.

So I didn't push it, since Bunny uis not a big fan of knowing how we moms talk about them, haha. The question remains whether they're reciprocated boy/girl friends. ;)

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