Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So it begins...

DIY crocheted rag rug. I have a stack of unused op sheets--a couple even are still package fresh, as I gave up making beds with top sheets AGES ago. I do not enjoy retucking it every single day, thanks, and we all like our feet to 'breathe' when we sleep.

So I'm ripping into approx 1" strips and making a rug. The ktichen floor needs new ones, and my linen closet needs less crap I don't use. Win-win!


Chicken Momma said...

I know this is ages old, but how did I not know you crochet? Have we talked about this? Now that I'm saying this, I'm having a vague memory. Anyhow....I've been meaning to make rag rugs like this for ages. What size hook did you use?

Kristianna said...

I used the largest hook I had on hand, which I think is a J? Big honking thing, but really a couple of sizes up would be nice if you needed to buy a hook anyway. I also found out from someone that you can wash the strips before, and they'll curl, making them easier to work with. I chucked this one a while back after it was just too used up, and need to make a new one. It felt really nice underfoot!


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