Saturday, April 05, 2008

saturday::scanned photo

1998_ETVisit_0004, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Continued with a whopping 6 more scanned photos today. Cole managed to handle the bassinet for that long--he'd have lasted longer, but Carter bounce-bounce-bounced his way down the hall on a hoppity ball and broke Cole out of his reverie of gazing at the little doohickeys on his bassinet shade.

Anyway! This is another from 1998--it'd have to be fall. We took a drive up to SF and got some typical weather at the GG Bridge, so you can only see the closest tower to the Marin side. The weather was really nice about 1 mile away where we took a little hike up in the headlands. Funny, since the day when Paul, Mock, Jim and I essentially hiked every square inch of Mt. Tam I have been *over* Marin hiking. Maybe this summer we should take the kids on one of the less rigorous ones (not the Dipsea!).

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