Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A rare treat...

Plum Clafouti, originally uploaded by Tiffany Ernst.

I very rarely make dessert. Not because I don't like to make it, and sure as hell not because I don't like to eat it! But because sugaring up the kids or myself seems stupid right before bedtime. And because my husband is a turd and simultaneously refuses to eat sweets WHILE talking A LOT about how unhealthy sweets are. Yeah, yeah, I get it. Let the kids have birthday cakes and shaddup about it. I'm not a 'fresh baked cookies after school type' because I do understand nutrition, and also the last thing I need is the meltdowns from low blood sugar post-sugar rush.

However, sometimes the kids do get homemade frozen yogurt. It sounds more fancy than it is -- I pop frozen fruit into the miniprep processor and whirl it up with a little vanilla yogurt. Whee! I also make pops with the leftovers for them to have after school.

BUT TONIGHT! Tonight? We will have plum clafouti. I bought some plums that simply will never be good eaten out of hand. It sucks, because the plums we got 2 weeks ago WERE AWESOME. And then, since we loved them so much, I bought more. They have barely ripened beyond rock-hardness in 9 days. So you know they're duds. I tasted one, and they're tart, and they will go straight from unripe to rotten they way they seem to be heading.

Baking them will make them yummy. And clafouti is acutally really eggy, so not as sugary or floury as many desserts.

I love baking, so I am super excited about this. Mmmmm.

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