Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4 weeks of beach days?

Eeesh. I may be getting myself into a commitment to drive to Santa Cruz for 4 weeks of weekdays. This weekend Bunny goes for the swim test for Little Guards in Santa Cruz. Then it's no guarantee, but it looks like there is an opening for a non-resident in their second session, afternoons. We've always wanted her to have this opportunity because, well for starters, it's cool! And also because it'll help her *greatly* with ocean safety. And a little hazing never hurt anyone. Well, okay, I suppose hazing has hurt people, but not a *little* hazing--not their kind. ;)

More later after she takes the test. 25 m swim, shallow item retrieval, and 1 min treading water. All things she can do, so hopefully she does not freak out. :)

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