Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ooka Me! Ooka Me!

Things to remember:
Carter bouncing around on the hoppity ball gleefully screeching, "Ooka me! Ooka me!" (Look at me.) It's really cute, and I love how he is *finally* talking. He still signs sometimes, but more to emphasize while he is saying he's hungry, etc.

The other day he told himself, "Ask Dada... more milk" and then marched back to get Paul to refill his sippy cup. I was right there and could have done it for him, but he seemed so pleased with himself I figured I'd let him go ask Paul. Carter still has a bad habit of not trying to use the right word for things, preferring to point and say, "This!", which is maddening when he's pointing in the general direction of a fridge with a hundred different 'this's. All in due time.

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