Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tryin’ It, Brownie Style

Way back in a time called the 1980s I was a Brownie Scout. I loved wearing my brown jumper, brown knee highs, and that funny beanie/yarmulke thing to school once a week. I loved the songs, the friendship squeeze, all of it! The one thing I never seemed to be able to do was earn badges in my own time. We had the handbook at home, but I never had the right resources or materials on hand to complete enough activities. My sash was seriously badge deficient.

Thirty years later my own daughter is a Brownie Scout! Many things have changed: the meetings are hours after school, so she doesn’t wear anything out of the ordinary on meeting days, and the uniform is really only a vest (no jumper? really??). Some of the differences are subtle. The merit badges are now called Try-Its. Since Bunny joined a troop that was already established—and we are SO happy to have been able to do this!—many of her friends have a lot of badges already. A neat difference from when I was a Brownie is that there are so many opportunities to earn Try-Its outside of a meeting, but without having to basically get your parents to buy a ton of stuff, then more or less ‘Do-It’ for you.

The Tech Museum of Innovation hosted a Try-It workshop Friday night for the ‘Movers’ Try-It, which is about wind. Bunny and I went, and a friend came along.

A whole level was sectioned off for the girls, who moved from table to table, completing 5 activites, earning a badge in a neat and tidy 2 hours. They had a lot of fun, too!

They made paper bag kites, and they flew, too! Well, if you run fast enough, they fly inside. ;)

These pinwheels were CUTE, cute, cute. So were the ring gliders, paper copters, and wind socks. Afterwards we explored the floor, messing with various robots and other gadgets before heading back home. Bunny was very happy to fill out her vest’s Try-It area, and I enjoyed some girl time with my big girl. We can’t wait for the next workshop that, um… works for our schedule.

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