Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple Second Birthday

Simple Birthday, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

My poor, poor baby is unfortunate. He was born 2 weeks after Christmas. Making a big to-do of it all seemed a bit too much when we'd only taken down the tree so recently. I know a mom whose (only) child was born a day or three after Christmas day itself, and bless her heart, she takes down the tree on Christmas night and really does it UP for her daughter's birthday. Me? That's a lot of work!

However, of course the little man's birthday is important to us, and we made sure to mark it with a little family party. Cole picked out the type of cake mix he wanted at the store, and I kept decorations simple, making the paper chains every elementary student has made at some time or another and hanging streams of curling ribbon. We also picked up a few balloons--always a hit.

The kids were having so much fun playing that we didn't even get around to eating dinner or eating cake until after 8! Since it was so late, Paul and I decided it would be crazy to give Cole new toys then expect him to go to bed, so he opened his loot the next day and was none the worse for it. In fact, I am just remembering as I type that there is one more present to open! (Go figure -- me forgetting something! Crazy!)

Cole loved his simple birthday, and I love my sweet boy.

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