Thursday, January 28, 2010

“Cole’s Class”

Cole and Carter are 26 months apart in age, but Cole is already almost the big brother in a couple of ways.  There’s the obvious difference in their physiques.  Carter is a wiry-lanky fellow of slightly above average height and a bit below average weight.  Cole is SOLID.  He’s also the height and weight of a 3-4 year old.  He’s not fat… and that’s a bonafide medical fact, not just an oblivious mom-pinion.  I can’t, however, see buying him clothes from the ‘slim’ rack anytime soon.

Another way Cole is quickly becoming the big brother in the house is that he’s oddly dominant over Carter.  Carter is a gentle—albeit sometimes cranky—soul.   His feelings are easily hurt.  When I tell Carter I am beginning to feel angry about his behavior it really upsets him, and he worries about me not loving him anymore (as if that could ever-ever-ever happen!).  Cole is mellow, but assertive.  He will get what he wants, and by any means necessary.   He really could give a rat’s patoot what you think of him or what he’s doing most of the time.   Carter is introspective and a little socially awkward while Cole is engaging and always ready for a laugh.

So, it was a real hardship on King Cole to have to accompany Carter to preschool and—get this crap!—leave him there.  Cole showed his displeasure in every way his little(ish) self could:  he screamed.  He flailed.  He arched his back and held up his arms in that way that removes all mom’s ability to pick him up in any dignified manner.  Sometimes, when being buckled into the carseat, still screaming, he’d try his best to slap some sense into his stupid, stupid mom.  (That didn’t work out well for him, at all.)

Finally Cole prevailed!  No, he still needed to leave Carter at school two days a week, but Mama signed him up for a toddler mommy & me class at school on Wednesday mornings. 

Carter also is allowed to come with us, and Cole finally gets one morning a week to play, play, play with all the toys and equipment at Carter’s school.  We still have to call it Carter’s school, according to Carter, but it’s “Cole’s class” those mornings.  Carter loves that he can completely self lead, and doesn’t have to do circle time, and Cole just loves it all.

Cole can ride the roller coaster.

Cole can paint.

Cole can play with the puzzles and play dough.  He can participate in circle time, too!  How he loves the song at the end of class!

It’s been such a good thing for our strong willed guy to be able to do this!  This week we have a family cold work its way around, and Cole missed class yesterday.  This morning drop off was a bit tricky because Cole was sure today was his class, and that his mom is, sadly, again, a complete idiot.  It’s so hard being patient when your mom is struck stupid at times and you have to protest… such is the life of a 2 year-old in a big boy body.

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