Friday, January 08, 2010


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Today the boys and I had a VERY, VERY FUN errand to run... Radio Shack!

I really don't like that store, but sometimes you just need to go to Radio Shack, such as when you decide you're going to break your (old) TV if you keep forcibly swiveling it to reach the audio/video plugs on the back to switch between the DVD and Wii. You have no clue what the thing you need is called, but reason that there must be something you can use to 'split' the cable input and stop the insanity of moving a heavy TV almost every day. Soooo, you pack up the kids and go to Radio Shack -- if it exists, they'll have one or two.

Radio Shack had what I needed, and also a very fun looking remote control T Rex toy that Carter felt instant passion for. The sales dude very helpfully informed us it's only $10 as it was returned, but I am a mean mother who does not just buy toys any old day of the week, and Cole's birthday is TOMORROW. Oh, and Christmas? TWO WEEKS AGO.

#1 Son has plenty of new toys, and the RC T Rex also is listed for older children. The answer had to be, "No."

Time for the tears. As we pulled out of the parking spot, Carter said, "I miss the T Rex!" After maybe 100 yards more he had made a big decision.

Carter: I quit!
Me: Quit what?
Carter: I quit being 4. Forever!
Me: It's hard being four. If you're not four, then what are you?
Carter: Three!
Me: Then what will you be when you have your birthday?
Carter: Three! Or maybe eight.

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Suzanne said...

Poor guy. Funny story though. :-)


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