Monday, January 11, 2010


Carter is a raven, always finding little treasures.  A simple walk through our neighborhood is a hunt, especially the ‘through’ streets, which get “I don’t live here, so I’ll just chuck my ________ out the window,” treatment.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  I don’t want to make out like we have a bad litter problem, because there really is not, but if you are a treasure hunter, there is plenty to be found.

You simply must be on the lookout.  Being three and a half feet tall helps, too.


Yesterday he made out like a bandit!  Can you believe people just throw away this stuff?  ;)  The drill bit is particularly special, and Carter said it was for Daddy.  The rest is a gift to me.  Since I have plenty of random crap treasures already, the new procedure is for me to keep a photo and toss the grody junk allow the items themselves to go to the great beyond.

Anyone know what that dice (die?) is?

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