Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Splashin’ Good Fun

We’re in the midst of what looks like a multiWEEK rain here.  The best day in the forecast is Sunday, when there is only a 20% chance of rain in between big systems.

We need the rain.  We need the rain.  Better than a drought.  Better than a drought.  These are my mantras I repeat over and over, and perhaps at some point in February you will find my manuscript of that typed over and over again, putting that last nail in the coffin that was my sanity, haha…..  All rain and no sun makes Kris a batty girl….

I really should not complain (yet).  We’ve had little breaks that allow the puddles to recede, we have good foul weather gear, and an array of options to keep the little ones entertained during these long days.

However, we’re used to spending a good amount of time outside, and we already miss it.  Sometimes the rain is coming down in sheets, and even with raincoats and boots, we’re soaked just going to and from the car—and guess who gets wettest?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s the person who stands outside buckling seat belts and car seats…. ;)  I do not want to go full on Gorton’s fisherman, so my pants are pretty soaked from mid thigh to top of the boots.

I should take a note from my youngest.  He fell face first in a puddle yesterday, but he didn’t mind.  Since he was already as wet as he was going to get, I let him play in the rain for a while.

I may have even more laundry than normal from the three full outfits he soaked through yesterday, but it’s just laundry.  Sometimes you just have to jump in puddles.

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