Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainy Day, Sick Kids, Colorful Flowers

Yesterday poor Bunny was home sick with a cough and icky tummy… just a general feeling of not being well, and since her brothers also have hearty coughs, we were all cooped up inside with what I estimate to be our 11th straight day of gloom and rain (though, yesterday was not very rainy, just icky, like their tummies).

By later afternoon the bigger kids were fully over movies and didn’t want to play with toys.  Bunny had done her reading for the day, and squabbles seemed to dominate the family room.  I believe, in a weak moment, I may have told them I really didn’t like sick days… the scene was getting ugly, man!

It was time to set up an art activity, something they could do near each other, but by themselves all the same.  I had a project from Pink and Green Mama tucked away in my brain and set us three to work making colorful flowers to brighten up the gray day.

Armed with watercolors, nice, non-bleedy paper, and our imaginations, we all created some visual happiness, and also brightened our moods.


Bunny drew the flowers in pencil, then traced with a black Sharpie before adding watercolors.  Carter is only beginning to be interested in drawing and unsure of his abilities, so he asked that I draw flowers for him, which he then painted.

I love this colorful flower that Bunny created!  The multicolor background makes me smile.

At Bunny’s suggestion, I made this rose, which we’re calling the Roy G. Biv.  :)

Carter normally sticks to one color—blue, his favorite.  It was a wonderful treat to see him branch out a little, though clearly blue remains a foundation in his palette.

To my dismay, today is another sick day at home.  Bunny is still complaining of a hurting tummy, and coughing just enough to make me feel it’s a good idea to keep her quarantined (hopefully only) one more day.  We grownups feel the knotted stomach, too, so we know it’s a real bug, and not a case of fakey-monia.  Carter seems to be much on the mend--he was the one who brought this bug to share with us from school, and is ahead of the curve in recovery, so he may end up going in to preschool…  no matter how it works out this morning, the afternoon will be long, and I am very thankful for the plethora of ideas at my fingertips through so-called Mommy blogs.  They’ve saved my sorry butt more than a few times!

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Suzanne said...

Glad the activity kept you all busy. LOVE the artwork!


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