Thursday, January 07, 2010

Clutter Busting

Desk Clutter 03, originally uploaded by a_d_gimenez.

You know the saying about gas filling its space? That it, um... does?

Well, with 5 people in a house, we seem to be full to bursting with clutter lately. I purged a lot of baby stuff, but it looks like more needs to go, as I'm literally tripping over little bits of this and that everywhere I turn lately. I've had routines that worked, but it's seemed especially hard lately to simply keep up. I personally seem to only have two speeds, and recently have felt simply sitting still would be a nice option.

The kids however, are always on--always full of life, and that is a good thing! It's simply the combination of all the life being lived and the debris generated that is visually overwhelming me lately. So, I've embarked on a new declutter 365 project--simply purging at least one item every stinking day for the year... I did this in 2008 and should have kept going strong throughout last year because I certainly could have.

For some reason we put a lot of value in the things we possess. We might not even like the item in question, but it's 'ours' and therefore important. We might want that later. We won't miss it if we keep it just in case. Our belongings begin to own us. Time to show the 'stuff' who's boss!

Today's purge: a few rubbery dinosaurs that I have diligently put back into their container about 1-4 times a day for a year or more. As far as I can tell, the entirety of playing with these objects seems to be as such: open container, huck toys all over, THE END. So ha stupid little rubber dinos, joke's on you, because you're in the trash can now, losers! ;)

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