Friday, February 15, 2008

What good is it without chocolate??

Just figured out something. Yesterday Carter discovered a Christmas flap book in with the books and kept yelling at me, while chewing on a flap he’d ripped off. I told him we don’t pull apart the book, and when Bunny asked shy he was doing htat, I said, “Dunno. You also ripped flaps off this kind of book until you were about 4, honestly.” Now, however, this is odd for Carter. He’s a boy, to be sure, so he can have Y chromosome destructive disorder. But he’s not “Bunny destructive”… not just for no discernible reason other than “because it popped into her head.” He’ll bang a toy hammer on the glass door, or huck a car across the room – boy stuff! But ripping a book is not his thing.

So anyway, today I figured out what his deal is/was with the flap book. He came up to me with the book, and was scraping the photo under the flap, saying “Chokkit… help!” Eureka. The advent calendar we get every Christmas! You lift the flap for that day and get a little piece of chocolate! It’s even a Christmas flap book. Now, I get it, dude!

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