Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carter's Baby

This is Carter's baby. Yesterday Paul was at a biology event at Stanford and I let the big kids stay up until about 8:30, figuring they’d be more tired and hence more ‘put to beddable’ than if I did it an hour earlier, which is the norm here. After I got Carter and Cole into jammies (well, changed Cole – all his clothes look like jimmies to be honest), Carter and Bunny were fooling around brushing their teeth and then Bunny decided she would give Carter an old fleece blanket of hers. He took it, and wrapped up this UGLY toy, then decided it was his baby. He cooed at it, telling it that it was ‘coot!’ and then settled in next to me on the sofa, hugging ‘baby’ to his lap, just like I was doing with Cole.

Then he unzipped his footies just a little bit and said the baby needed to nurse. Apparently Senor Siniestro or whatever his name is has a *very* small tummy, as it only took a moment for him to be ‘all done’. Then Carter unwrapped him, said, “Eww! Poopy!” grabbed a wet wipe, wrapped the baby in it, and the reswaddled him. (Which would be why 2 yr olds don’t change real baby diapers, haha.)

This morning Bunny decided to dig out an old Bitty Baby for Carter so he has a cuter baby. But Senor Siniestro sure cracked me up last night. Carter is so funny.

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