Monday, February 04, 2008

6 Weeks

According to Phil, there will be 6 weeks more winter. Boo.

However, today is delightful. 60 and sunny enough to make it very warm. I need to check the forecast to see when the next system comes through, but for today I am pretending it’s spring.

If I can get Cole to sleep (Carter just passed out for his midday nap), then I am going to throw open the front window, air out the place and put a cheery tablecloth on the table for starters. I also think I need something to freshen up the potted plants by the front door. It’s a running joke that I am the family potted plant killer (I’m not so good at remembering to water them in the heat of summer), but I did keep alive some freesia that are threatening to bloom in a couple of weeks, and a geranium, but there is a large planter I need to put something happy in. I’d rather be getting our summer veggies in, but I have to be realistic, haha. Plus Paul is the veggie grower. I’ll let him do that and keep my goal attainable—to remember to water the 3 things I walk by 4+ times daily. It helps that Bunny knows how to dump water from a cup into them.

And maybe this afternoon I will finally check out the Japanese Dollar store down 85 from me to see what neato stuff they have. Nothing makes me happy like Japan-schwag, and I have been wanting a little bit of bento stuff for Bun’s lunches. Yeah, I’m a dork and enjoy making cute lunches. I’ll never be in the big leagues like THIS lady, though. Man, she must have a lot of free time.

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