Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I found it! I bought two skeins of cashmere a few months ago when the Bascom Beverly's was going out of business and everything was massively discounted. Knew I wanted to make Paul a hat, but not just the typical toque I generally do. I wanted cables or something a little special for this special yarn. but I don't like knitting cables--too much to remember when I'm sleep deprived (which is for 6 years running more or less, haha).

Anyway, I found it!

Will print this tonight after kiddie bedtime and begin. I should be able to finish in time for Paul's birthday. I doubt I can keep it a surprise, since I find he likes his hats *just so* in fit, and I need to periodically fit using his real head.

Oh, and I also am making this hat for Cole.
I need to think of colors, since he's not a girl, ;). And I may leave off the noodle bit.

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