Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kid Talk

Bunny's speech is very advanced for her age. Excellent vocabulary, though I am sure there are some instances where she sounds like she understands a word better than she really does--but she really has an appetite for linguistics, and is always asking what a word I say means, since I do and always have spoken to her as I would any adult (well, vocabulary not content, haha!).

But she has one word she still uses her baby word for: opymeal. Oatmeal. She knows it's oatmeal. Simply prefers to say it her way. I'll miss with whenever she decides to give up that one.

Carter is coming along with his speech. At two years he really was not speaking in sentences anyone other than his mother would understand, and even most of his words were iffy at best. He is forming 3-5 word sentences in generally a correct order, though tense is hit or miss and really limited to present or simple past. he has a couple of really cute baby words or names for things. Chiggy being the funniest to me. A decrepit old, falling apart quilt that used to be my dad's. He loves it, because the underside is very soft cotton, and because it is DAMN cozy. He hates that Bunny always wants to use it as the 'roof' of her sofa forts, and hides it under the aquarium base. Yesterday he hid all the blankets under the base, and when I asked him if he wanted to 'nuggle' on the sofa with me, he ran over, pulled out one blanket, said, "Mama chiggy," brought it to me, and then retrieved *his* chiggy. And he was SOOO happy to snuggle with me. I had Cole on my lap, but I think he till felt like it was a return to pre-baby times, since he is a very snuggly guy and needs a lot of it--and this darn baby has kept me awfully busy!

Cole? He made a 'g' sound. It's more pleasant than crying, and nice to hear his 'voice'.

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