Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 Weeks!

My baby boy is 5 weeks old today. In about 2 hours, he'll be 5 weeks to the minute. He's already gone and changed on me. No longer a totally newborn, larval, creature. Cole is cooing, learning to amuse himself a bit by batting at things with his newfound hands, smiling at both animate and inanimate objects a LOT, and settling into longer awake times (which means a couple of longer naps during the day and night, too!). Bunny still loves to hold him for long periods of time, and has figured out how to lie back with him on her chest--a very comfy position for both holder and holdee, I must say. Carter, good hearted soul he is, has never shown any resentment towards Cole. Not to say he's not a two year old, and prone to testing limits and tantrums, but he's simply the kindest little 2 yr old to Cole. Cole is lucky to have two older siblings who love him so much. And I'm lucky to have three wonderful, healthy, smart, and cute kids.

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