Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moose Baby!

So Cole is all of 6 weeks tomorrow. And I dug out the 3-6 mo stuff for him last weekend. He's 12 pounds, the milk guzzler. And the legs on the 3-6 mo sleeper he's in are not even long. Sheesh! Bunny was wearing some 3-6 mo stuff at 9 mos, and Carter only needs tops a size big because he is long waisted and has broad shoulders, but he's far from large--actually some 18 mo pants still fit him, but mostly he's in 2Ts except for Osh Kosh, which I swear is designed for huskier kids.

I think maybe Cole is our large boy who's going to take after his dad, who was his family's moose-child growing up. I can't believe I am putting away clothes that he has outgrown already.

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