Monday, February 25, 2008

Aw, Freak Out!

Today I finally got around to putting together something Carter received for, yes, CHRISTMAS. It’s a no-pedal trike with trailer from my father, and I just didn’t feel like sitting on the floor and assembling it while giantly pregnant, then I simply had other things to do all the time, like nurse a newborn. Funny how that happens!

So today I noticed the box in the garage while I was putting other boxes into the recycling bin and decided today’s the day.

It was not hard to put together, but I am glad I did it when able to sit and bend. Carter loves it, and didn’t want to stop playing with it at dinner time. He really seemed to think it would be a good idea to bring it ONTO the table. I tried to ‘park’ it next to the table, but he was not having it, so I finally had to put the thing outside. Instant DEFCON 5 here (if I remember my War Games well). Carter freaked out and I basically had to ignore him for a good 15 mins while he worked it out and then he came to the table and ate. It was hysterical to me, to watch him being hysterical. If you can’t laugh at tantrums, what can you laugh at? Plus I think I am always a bit slap happy at the end of the day. Tomorrow we’ll take the toy to the park and see if he likes it as much on Day 2.

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