Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcard, originally uploaded by riptheskull.

Been busy using my allocated blog time (which would be naptime most days) copying over old posts from my old LiveJournal blog. It's been funny to read over old things as I cut and pasted. Lots from 2006 so far, but there eventually will be some 2005, too. I don't think I had a blog before then.

We're having a nice dinner for the 4 of us who eat solid food this evening: grilled flank steak, sauteed shrimp, glazed tomatoes and roasted asparagus, with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

Dodged a bullet by making sure Bun had indeed addressed all her Valentine's cards, and *phew!* she left out Brian's and Heather's. Which explains how she had extra candies to wolf down this morning -- thankfully I had a couple of reece's hearts to use in a pinch. My inability to resist those at the store a couple of weeks ago paid off, haha. Bunny was miffed she didn't get the last couple as treats in her lunch, since I have been letting her have one every few days, but hey, thems the breaks. (And she'll end up ahead by the end of the day in the candy count.)

Speaking of, time to change Carter and head out to pickup time.

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