Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Winner from Ray-Ray

Leeky, Creamy Chicken-and-Dumpling Stoup - NEW!

I made this yesterday, substituting chicken thighs, as my crew prefers dark meat (I am the only one who likes the white meat), and instead of gnocchi I cooked some tortellini separately and added it into the bowls so that Paul's was low carb. I also added some thyme and 1/4 t red pepper flakes. Then after we had dinner, I stretched it with more chicken broth, a bag of chopped spinach, and a little nutmeg (always with greens, just like Racheal says!). That way Paul has it to eat when he's hungry, which is ALWAYS. Man, I thought he had a big appetite before he was on Adderall... if I had wishes from a Genie, one would be that he could be WAY less hungry with no ill health effects. If he takes too much Adderall, we get part A, but also he loses a LOT of weight and suffers from a form of malnutrition; not to mention the meds make him kind of terrible to live with, unless you like aggression and paranoia ;).

But anyway -- the soup... it's good. For the mere mortal (not Paul), it's super filling because it's really rich... one serving is plenty for dinner with salad or the like.

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