Monday, January 10, 2011

This Week’s Specials, Jan 10

I’m sitting to type out this week’s menu as I stuff my face with Monday’s dinner.  It’s Monday, so it’s meatless.  After yesterday’s pizza and cake (plus about half a yummy ale—half because I kept forgetting Paul ran into BevMo when he went to retrieve the ‘za and Paul finally drank it, saving it from a later trip down the drain, I am sure), after all that, I am more than happy to skip the meat.  Ironically, since I didn’t make any ‘big batch meals’ this weekend, I also had to make a pot of chili so that Pablo will have something to take for lunch tomorrow (and likely eat tonight since what I made is awesome, but riddled with noodles.  So much for being meatless, huh?  Last week he did well, and gobbled two bowls of red lentil soup, though… baby steps, I s’pose.

Monday:  Tofu Peanut Udon Noodles (HERE – I added some red pepper flakes and also a shot or two of Tapatio)
Tuesday:  Salmon, Braised Greens, Tomato Soup (HERE) —with the last of this summer’s put-away tomatoes
Wednesday: Cube Steak with Rich Onion Gravy, salad
Thursday:  Brats & Peppers w Simple Tomato Sauce (Best sauce evah – HERE)
Friday:  Rich Onion Soup (can’t find link at moment, but in Jan Whole Living mag and GOOOOOD)
Saturday & Sunday:  TBD after I grocery shop

I’m remembering to eat breakfast at nearly the correct time every morning, too.  Wahoo, me.  ;)

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