Monday, January 10, 2011

Drum Solo

Chalk it up to being crazy in love with the baby, but heaven help our ears, this is what I set up yesterday while the kids went to the park with their Daddy and Grandpa R:


I set it up so he could see it right when he walked in the door.

Cole had fallen asleep on the BOB ride back from the park (1.6 miles each way is still to much for him to hoof or pedal it).  I tried to bring him inside to continue his nap, but he woke and was in a terrible mood.  Really, he wanted me to leave him in the stroller, but that was not realistic since it’s cold out in January, even if it was sunny.

So he was tantruming as we entered the house.  Until he saw the drums. 

Drums!  I got drums!!  MY drums!

ColeBday2010 005

ColeBday2010 009

ColeBday2010 010

ColeBday2010 020

ColeBday2010 031

This kid kills me.  He sat down and went through each drum, because he already knew what most of them are.

This one is the bass (thump, thump).  This is the snare (rat tat).  This is the cymbal (clash).  When you put them all together, they sound like this (really long, loud clatter).

All jokes about my ears aside, I am so happy he’s happy with the drums.  Honestly, it’s so loud here all the time anyway, I am nearly immune to garden variety noise most of the time.  We did put the drums ‘to bed’ last night and they didn’t come out this morning until after we dropped big brother at preschool.  Actually, it was the easiest time I’ve had getting Cole to leave in a while—I simply reminded him he could play his drums if we went home (he loves playing for a few minutes every morning at Carter’s school and sometimes is QUITE reluctant to leave).  Win, win.

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